Worcester RFC has an official nutrition supplier

Today, Worcester RFC is pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with the sports nutrition company, Ruck Science who will become the club’s official nutrition supplier for the 2016 rugby season and beyond. The agreement was finalized this week and means that we’ll begin receiving donations from Ruck Science as early as October the 15th. Please read on to learn more about the deal, the company and why we’re so excited to be working with them to grow amateur rugby in the United States.  

Why buy from Ruck Science

There are plenty of supplement manufacturers on the market. And equally, there are many different ways to go about getting supplements. You can very easily go to the supermarket or your local GNC store. But the other option is to your supplements online and help support Worcester RFC in the process. Our agreement with Ruck Science makes them our preferred choice anyone at the Worcester RFC who is using supplements. Unlike other companies, that make products for bodybuilders, MMA fighters and everyone in between, Ruck Science does nutrition for rugby exclusively. The founders of the company are all rugby die-hards who are currently involved in USA rugby as coaches, players, admins and referees. So in short, they ”get rugby” and what rugby players need for post-game recovery.

About the agreement

Our agreement to use Ruck Science as our official nutrition supplier will begin in the 2016 season and run indefinitely. But it’s also non-exclusive. So if you really want to buy your supplements from another company, please go right ahead. All we would ask is that you take a look at their nutrition products to see if they’re what you’re looking for. For every order placed on ruckscience.com that includes “Worcester RFC”, they’ll make a donation for up to 20% to the club. That goes for everything on their site, so if you don’t use nutritional supplements, but you are looking for a foam roller or some other kind of recovery tool we encourage you to try their range as well. Donations will be paid to the club on a monthly basis in the form of a PayPal transaction which means we get quick access to the cash so we can deploy it as needed.

How to get started with Ruck Science

Two things to keep in mind if you want to try out Ruck Science and compare them to other supplement manufacturers:

  1. Sign up for Rucks (their rewards program) and you’ll get $5 to spend before your first purchase. You also get $5 for every review and referral!

  2. Check out the rugby sample stack which has all 4 of their supplement blends in a handy carrying stack for just $20.

  3. Enter “Worcester RFC” as your rugby club during the checkout process so they know where to send the donations!

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Direct Contacts

If you have any comments, questions, concerns etc the company are very responsive and will be only to happy to provide further information. The best people to get in touch with at Ruck Science are:

Chris Reed

Marketing Manager



Tim Howard